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Three steps to help domestic parts enterprises cope with the crisis

Since the U.S. financial crisis , over-reliance on the U.S. auto market auto finance suffered a heavy blow. With the crisis in the real economy, the financial crisis began , the global automotive industry is being sucked into the vortex crisis . Automotive industry chain parts industry will inevitably suffer a crisis :

According to the data , the U.S. auto parts supplier BorgWarner Inc. has released a quarterly loss announcement, and is expected to slowdown in the credit crisis and the impact of global economic growth will extend to the entire 2009 ; early November , Denso corporation announced that the company ended the first half of the world’s financial results for the fiscal year September 30, 2008 show Denso first-half net profit up 50.2% of shrink ; headquartered in Detroit auto parts manufacturer ArvinMeritor Inc. has announced plans to lay off 7 percent , in response to weak global auto market , do not rule out the sale section possible ......

financial crisis had a negative impact on the business world’s auto parts business . In China , local parts enterprises is subject to multi-party pressure.

present, China’s total auto parts enterprises more than fifteen thousand . Of which more than billion of assets really only a handful of large parts enterprises , most parts enterprises are SMEs . In fact , at this stage of the weaker parts industry sectors , small scale enterprises . In the context of the economic crisis, the development prospects of entire parts industry is not optimistic. What measures local parts enterprises should be taken to reduce the damage caused by the financial crisis ?

on the global auto market , the downturn in the auto market is due to the direct cause of change and instability in financial markets caused by the policy . Instability in the financial markets , making the urban middle-class residents of the depreciation of assets , consumption decreased ability to reduce consumer desires .

on the Chinese auto market, automobile consumption is still in the development stage, compared to China’s population , car ownership is still very small . The first automobile consumption still purchase a new car -based, market demand is far from being met. Data show that expected by 2010 , China’s car ownership will reach 80 million . With the continued increase in car ownership in China , apparently will promote increased demand for maintenance accessories , spare parts sales will also increase .

Although car sales decline in passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the growth rate, but overall, the car market is growing , fell and could not explain the increase in car Since then the market will go bust , more reasons to show that the Chinese auto industry will maintain stable development, which will also promote the sustainable development of the automotive parts industry .

In the face of a serious crisis , companies should first disarray . As the saying goes , " stabbing outside Home Safe " , especially the survival and development of enterprises . Parts enterprises should be a number of factors organizational structure, product structure, sales network, technology research and in-depth analysis of enterprises, according to the market situation scientifically adjust the allocation of resources in a variety of departments in all sectors , and promote the stable development of enterprises.

A. Cost control and technology research and development complement each other , both of which are the basis for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness.

in the face of economic crisis, the profit margins of unprecedented austerity , enterprises should strengthen cost control and research and development , especially in high -tech products, and strive to improve the value of the products , grasping the opportunity to live the global automotive industry parts industry depression , to the advantage of cost and technology snatch the domestic and global markets. An Group ’s Chairman Mr. Wan陈利祥said, " We really caused the financial crisis had some impact , but in the R & D costs, it did not reduce the HC in an interview the same time, we do a lot in terms of controlling costs work because of cost control and technical strength will be our competitive advantage in the next round of the fundamental . "

B. have a choice , there are plans to collaborate to achieve business and integrated industry chain resources.

1. enterprise resource integration and parts Weichai

to over 10 billion price successful holding Torch after the company , Weichai Power by a single engine manufacturer has become a dynamic system, ignition systems and vehicle manufacturing and other industries and large auto parts group . Meanwhile, Weichai owns a significant stable customer Shaanxi Zhongqi . Weichai Power and Torch So in many ways to achieve the integration of capital, management philosophy, corporate values, sales team building .

2. enterprise resource integration with the vehicle

reported, Weichai Power and Foton recently reached a " strategic cooperation relations " , in which co-signed the " explicit reference to the strategic cooperation framework agreement ", the Weichai Power will cooperate with Foton in all aspects of its service network , marketing, brand communication , to achieve complementarity of both resources and sharing.

Thus , resource integration and vehicle parts enterprises and between enterprises of both the parts or parts enterprises in terms of automobile companies are good selection. Parts companies can take the opportunity to improve the level of product technology , product support and market ; automobile companies can make use of the service parts business market , promote the brand and build momentum , while increasing market share.

deserve special mention is that no matter what form of integration of resources , need parts enterprises to independent R & D capability is based . Thus , corporate R & D capabilities will be an important part of corporate moment of attention.

Seize the opportunity to achieve the perfect business development spans

Although the global financial crisis caused a huge automobile industry adversely affected. But from another point of view, but can not say that it is also an opportunity . International automotive industry downturn, there will be excess capacity in the industry phenomenon . This excess capacity is bound to include elements of talent, technology and so on. Many foreign R & D companies, design companies might benefit smaller, it will be China’s auto and auto parts business acquisitions , mergers , and tap talent good chance.

for domestic independent brand, especially the strength of their own brands but also an opportunity. Own R & D capabilities and self-brand parts companies can under the conditions allow, on the one hand to maintain the quality and stability of the existing product mix and sales channels ; hand with diversity and technical strength for the market demand , development and production products , competitive market share and international brands.

fuel tax or levy

As international oil prices plummeted, recent domestic oil price is likely to fall. " Levy fuel tax will soon " message for the weak automotive market suddenly injected a glimmer of hope . Although , the collection date and collection standards have not yet been determined . But the " introduction of fuel tax , car market will undoubtedly have a stimulating effect ."

Meanwhile , fuel tax , if implemented , will promote new energy vehicles development and marketing , small row the amount of low fuel consumption cars will be more people ’s attention. Therefore, the majority of auto parts enterprises can increase the energy saving components product research and development efforts , and actively explore this piece is not yet mature markets.

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